First diesel from Saudi Arabia's Jubail to load early October

日期:2013-09-28 15:57:07
Saudi Arabia's new 400,000 barrels-per-day Jubail refinery will likely load its first diesel cargo in early October, industry sources said on Friday, after the joint venture lifted its first fuel oil cargo this week.

The diesel shipment from the giant SATORP joint venture between France's Total and Saudi Aramco, is slightly later than the market had initially anticipated

On Friday, SATORP said in a statement it loaded its first cargo of fuel oil from the King Fahd Industrial Port at Jubail in September, after a statement from Total had said Saudi Aramco loaded fuel oil on September 23 and the next shipment will be lifted by Total in late September.

"The cargo was lifted by Saudi Aramco, and a diesel cargo for lifting by TOTAL will soon follow."

"Shipments of different products will continue as per SATORP's production plan," the statement on Friday said.

The refinery has in recent months begun a gradual start up and is expected to reach full capacity by the end of the year.

"Two crude units and associated treating facilities have started up with production of naphtha, diesel and fuel oil."

"More specialty refined products will be produced as more complex units start operation," SATORP said.

The first diesel cargo will be loaded by Total and will most likely have a sulphur content of 500 parts-per-million (ppm), the sources added.

It could head to East Africa, though details are not firm yet, one of the sources said.

"It looks like it will be 500 ppm but the refinery is still processing," the source added.

Aramco Trading is expected to load its share of the cargo after Total, in the first half of October, a second source said.

The refinery is expected to eventually start shipping 10 ppm sulphur diesel cargoes, which are compatible for the European market, once its secondary units are running, the source added.
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