NYK Group to Acquire 100% Ownership of Car-Terminal Operating Company in Kazakhstan

Date:2014-01-17 21:52:40
NYK Holding Europe B.V., an NYK Group company, has acquired 100% ownership of Tranco Terminal, the largest car-terminal operating company in Kazakhstan, and operations began under the renamed new company, NYK Auto Logistics (Kazakhstan) LLP, from January 15, 2014.

In Kazakhstan, auto sales are rapidly increasing, and a number of auto companies are making plans for a surge in sales. By acquiring full ownership of Tranco Terminal, of which the NYK Group previously had 25 percent ownership, NYK will attempt to accommodate that strong demand by improving the domestic bases and enhancing the speed of transport service between the bases in Kazakhstan. In addition, the company will lay out a framework capable of accommodating the demand for transnational inland transport from the China and Russia areas bordering Kazakhstan, and will provide a service to fulfill the various transport needs of customers.

Source: NYK Group
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